Selected Contract Work

Selected Design

Maker Faire: Find a Faire

Finding Maker Faires around the world is difficult, and a project was started to make that process more usable. I created a rough comp to illustrate how this could work on desktop.

The new global navigation

Maker Faire: Mobile Menu Prototype

The site on responsive devices

MakerCon: Responsive Design

I was tasked with redesigning the MakerCon website into a responsive format. To begin, I conducted a comptetitive analysis, then based on those results created mobile wireframes and comps for the developers to implement.

MakerShed: Mobile Menu Prototype

The site on responsive devices

MakerCamp Onboarding Prototypes

The initial onboarding experience of the MakerCamp site required three steps to sign up. Our initial user tests indicated that this worked well, but the number of user signups dropped off

When analytics revealed that there was a steep drop-off in user signups, we revised the onboarding process to include a single step.

The site on responsive devices
The site on responsive devices

MakerCamp: Mobile Front Page Design

MakerCamp is an online summer camp for kids 9-14. I was tasked with transitioning the animated homepage into a mobile experience.

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